We make plastic coating powders for the following markets:

Plascoat manufactures and supplies thermoplastic powder coatings for the fence, dishwasher basket, handrail, water pipe, oil field joints and street furniture markets.

Why choose metal protection coating powders from Plascoat?

Plascoat thermoplastic coating powders protect metal for hundreds of different applications throughout the world. Ranging from dishwasher baskets to fences, we are totally committed to manufacturing and supplying high performance powders.

Plascoat only manufacture and supply powder coatings. For custom powder coating services please refer to your local business directory or internet search engine.

High performance powders that don't cost the Earth

Plascoat powder coatings:

Why use thermoplastic coating?

Thermoplastic coatings offer excellent protection of metal structures against corrosion, wear and tear and chemical attack. They outperform other coatings, especially in terms of extended lifetime, environmental impact and ability to protect metal in temperatures down to -70°C.

Largest cryogenic thermoplastic coating powder manufacturer in the world

Free support to provide the perfect finish

All of our customers can call upon the Plascoat technical team for help and advice when it comes to using our coating powders. We can offer support via the phone or email and even come out to your site to ensure you know how to apply our products and fulfil your customer needs.

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